Scented Mail: How Sense of Smell is Changing Direct Mail

February 27, 2023
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Your sense of smell is directly linked to systems in your brain that trigger certain emotions in certain situations. While this is common knowledge, marketers are always looking for new and unique ways to use scents to influence actions performed by their customers. For example, over 90% of direct mail recipients say scented direct mail stood out from the other items in their mailbox. In addition, over 90% of consumers say they would pick a product they can smell and touch over a product they can simply view.

The opportunity to enhance your direct mail campaigns and improve your ROI with scent mail is growing in 2023. This informative article is designed to share more information about this marketing method with you.

What is Scented Mail or Scented Direct Mail?

Scent marketing, scented direct mail, and scratch and sniff marketing have been around for years but there is still a growing demand for interactive direct mail. Even though we live in a digital world, direct mail offers consumers a personal and intimate approach to advertising. 

Scented mail comes in a variety of forms but it is simply the use of a fragrance in a direct mail campaign. The scent can be added directly into the ink before printing, it can be included in an envelope, or it can be used in some of the marketing methods shared below. 

Examples of Direct Mail Using Scent

Now that you know the history of scented direct mail and why it works, here are some ways to enhance your direct mail using scent. Unless you are selling perfume or cologne, the scent you choose should be relevant to your company and remind the public about your business.

Scratch and Sniff Direct Mail

A scratch and sniff printed piece is when a special solution that contains microscopic capsules of scent is applied to the printed materials. When the solution is scratched or rubbed off,  the scent is released to the consumer.

Packaged or Sealed Scented Direct Mail

You can also include an actual packaged or sealed item with your direct mail piece that contains the fragrance. One common use for packaged or sealed items is its use by perfume and/or cologne companies to provide a product sample.

Scent a Peel Direct Mail

A glue infused marketing method is when a fragrance is infused into the glue of the sticker. The scent is released when the sticker is peeled away.

What to Include in Your Scented Direct Mail Campaigns

Once you decide to use scent in your direct mail campaign, be sure to include some key elements in your campaign to ensure it delivers the results you desire. 


The public responds well to personalization. Keep their preferences in mind to tailor the use of the scents to generate a better response.


Bold design choices such as big fonts, color contrast, and a compelling call to action can  be partnered with the scent. The incorporation of visuals that complement the scent (for example – if you include a visual of an orange on the card, make it smell like an orange) make the entire design flow and make sense to consumers. 


Targeting is the act of getting in front of the right people who will purchase your product. Much like personalization, you can include a scent that matches your target audience to have a lasting impact on them.

Scented direct mail can produce the smell of success for your next direct mail campaign. Contact our design team today to plan your next scent mail campaign.

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