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Audiology Printing & Marketing

If you are looking to grow your audiology practice by acquiring new patients then you must have a marketing strategy. An audiology printing and marketing plan unique to your industry is critical to the success of your practice.

Audiology Marketing
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Marketing For Audiologists: Start Marketing Your Audiology Practice Today

Audiologists are healthcare professionals that diagnose and treat hearing, balance, and related disorders of the ear. As the hearing industry continues to grow, marketing for audiologists has become increasingly important. By utilizing our effective audiology marketing strategies, audiologists can acquire new patients and increase their client base. 

Finding creative ways to market audiologists is essential for a successful audiology practice. Our cost-effective audiology marketing strategies will help attract potential patients and keep the existing ones. 

Do you need to update your audiology practice’s marketing – Is it not working the way you would like?

How can you increase your appointments without breaking the bank?

Is your “perceived demographic” the correct decision-making target?

Here at Fotorecord Print Center, we partnered with one of the nation’s leading audiology companies and created several highly effective direct mail and digital marketing programs. Through testing, we made this program affordable for all budgets.

Here's an example result from one of our Audiology customers:

Inbound calls for appointments:
Before: 6 per week
After: 11-20 per week

Website leads
Before: 0 per week
After: 4-6 per week

Upsell to current clients
Before: Minimal
After: 1,000%+ Increase

Additionally, we helped them realize and leverage the Goldmine they also had in their possession. With the influence our partner has in the industry, we implemented these programs to audiologists over 4 different states with various high levels of success.

What would your practice look like if you had similar results?

We easily can show you how.

Also, with our proprietary methods, if you work with us, we will not work with any other audiologists in your target area. Imagine, you have a successful marketing program AND you locked out any competition to your market! By taking advantage of our audiology marketing campaigns & strategies, audiologists can ensure their practice continues to grow and thrive.


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