Sales Sheets for Landscaping & Lawn Care Companies

April 28, 2023
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April 14, 2023
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May 15, 2023

If you have been in the business world for any length of time, you have more than likely heard of sales sheets which are also known as sell sheets or sales flyers. Overall, sales sheets are a single page advertisement for your brand. In the world of landscape marketing, these sales sheets allow you to promote your products and services. In addition to colorful graphics, they are ideal for sharing vital statistics or information about your business to generate new sales. 

For landscaping & lawn care companies, sales sheets can also contain information that educates the public when the info is included in landscaping flyers and landscaping direct mail pieces.  

Read on to learn more about what sell sheets are, what they contain, the benefits of using them for your business and key design tips for creating compelling content.

What is a Landscaping Sell Sheet?

A sell sheet is basically a physical, paper version of an elevator pitch to clients. They are a single page in length and their goal is to provide information about your business, products, and services to potential and current customers. 

For landscaping and lawn care companies, sales sheets have the benefit of allowing you to highlight each of the services you offer, share prices and spotlight any additional information that might turn a potential client into a paying customer. 

The ultimate sell sheet goal is to provide enough information that prospects are able to quickly view and assess who you are as a company. This snapshot of your business helps them make a decision about whether or not to work with you.

In order to assist the process of making a decision, you can include testimonials or reviews from actual clients to better build trust and credibility. 

Benefits of Using Lawn Care Sales Sheets

No matter where you look, there are multiple printed marketing pieces used by businesses of all types to promote their services. So, why should you take the time to create and use a sales sheet for your lawn care business? Check out these benefits:

  • Easily Shared – Customers that receive your sales sheet can easily pass it along to others in the organization to improve your exposure
  • Affordable to Produce – Sales sheets don’t cost much to design, print and distribute which means they are an extremely affordable and effective marketing tool
  • Variety of Distribution Methods – Sell sheets can be distributed to potential customers in-person at your office, a trade show, or by going door to door. They can also be mailed out as part of a landscaping direct mail campaign or shared via email or social media.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Sell Sheet Design Tips

In addition to the copy included on the sheet, the design of your sales sheet is critical to its success. Sales sheets, such as landscaping flyers, need to balance the copy and graphics so they do not battle each other for attention. Keep these tips in mind when designing your landscaping marketing materials:

Engaging & Effective Copy

The sell sheet copy should highlight the benefits of your business including your services and the value you provide to customers. However, don’t write a novel! Use short sentences and 

bullet points to make it flow and easier to read. Remember, every word does not have to be a sales pitch. You can be conversational while still delivering the desired information. 

Clear Call to Action

You need to make it clear what action you want customers to perform after they have looked at your sales sheet. A clear call to action (CTA) is critical to increasing sales. Some successful CTA examples include:

  • Share your business phone number & website address with clear directions on how to schedule an appointment with your sales team
  • Offer a special discount to anyone that schedule services by a certain date 
  • Offer to send more information via email that they can review at their own pace

Quality Images & Graphics

Concrete proof of successfully performed work and services is critical for acquiring new business. Be sure and include some images of actual lawn services you performed so you can showcase your skills. Another idea is to use graphics that are relevant to the landscaping and lawn service industry as “inspiration photos” for customers.

Sales sheets promote your services and generate customer interaction. If you need help designing and producing new sales sheets, give us a call.

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