Why Should Businesses Send Out Direct Mail Holiday Cards?

October 29, 2021
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When COVID-19 significantly affected the 2020 holiday season and minimized gatherings, holiday cards become more valuable than ever. Though people love receiving personal updates from families and friends, many businesses and companies have also seen the increasing benefits of connecting with customers around the holidays, especially when personal connections have been challenging to maintain.

Breaking through the direct mail noise of the holiday season is no easy task. Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many companies sending sales-y, impersonal holiday cards, resulting in the exact opposite effect and making customers feel like their value is determined solely on their contribution. Creating a custom business holiday card to effectively connect with and market to customers takes time, intentionality, and the right printing partner. 

3 Ways To Break through the Noise with Custom Business Holiday Cards

Holiday cards offer seasonal opportunities you can’t afford to miss! So let’s learn how to use them to increase loyalty and goodwill, softly promote your services, and stand out from other companies’ direct mail holiday cards.

  1. Increase customer loyalty and goodwill

A popular holiday reference speaks of bringing peace on earth and goodwill to men: using branded holiday card printing is a great way to do just that! Direct mail holiday cards let you thank partners and customers for their support, reconnect with older leads, and share exciting updates and year-end achievements in a non-sales-focused way. When customers feel connected to your brand and mission (and, perhaps even more importantly, valued outside of the financial support they provide), they’re more likely to remain loyal in the future.

  1. Promote your services

In addition to creating touchpoints with customers, custom business holiday cards let you gently promote your services. Soft-selling, or subtle, non-aggressive advertising methods, produce over 67% more leads than companies solely using straightforward approaches. If you’ve never considered the promotional opportunities your direct mail holiday cards offer to connect with customers as end-of-year surpluses are revealed – this is the season to start!

  1. Elevate above the junk mail

Though holiday card printing lets you build loyalty and goodwill while promoting your services, it also provides a unique seasonal opportunity to say thank you. Don’t be content to join the masses and send out year-end coupons or advertise new years’ sales – this is a surefire way to have your direct mail holiday cards end up in the junk mail pile. Instead, focus on gratitude and the sense of unity and reflection the holidays bring to provide value instead of making a sale. 

Don’t Leave Your Holiday Card Printing To the Last Minute

During the already busy holiday season, rushing to complete your holiday card printing is the last thing your company needs. As you start to brainstorm and design your next holiday card, ask critical questions, like What type of design will catch my customers’ eye? How can our branding play into our direct mail holiday cards? How can we make our supporters feel valued by our team? The more thought and intentionality you dedicate your holiday cards, the more excellent they will be.

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