How Custom Calendars Can Market For Higher Education

September 15, 2021
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August 30, 2021
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September 30, 2021

34% of US-born Americans hold a degree from a four-year institution, and based on the colorful bumper stickers, apparel, flags, etc., that shout school pride from all across the county, loyalties run deep. Whether you’re targeting alumni or boosters, current or future students, or parents of those students, university calendars can be a powerful, branded marketing tool for your school. Whether you’re trying to build school pride further or provide personalized information about the events and updates at your institution, enjoying the benefits of custom calendar printing is easier than you think. 

Three Benefits of Custom University Calendars

No need to spend millions of marketing dollars on multiple print items. Custom calendar printing lets you meet practical needs, communicate personalized opportunities for experiences, and increase school loyalty all at once. 

  • Filling a need: Nearly 78% of people of all ages still rely on paper calendars and even prefer them over digital ones. Highly visible and customizable compared to electronic calendars, custom university calendars keep students, boosters, and alumni up-to-date on important events while still having space to add personal events or dates.
  • Personalized, unifying experiences: University calendars are an ideal opportunity to share about new and exciting things happening at your institution. By listing home games, community events, homecoming, and Greek or club-related activities on the days they’re happening, you empower your university’s supporters to show up for those events. They’re also a natural way to share photos of university students, campus, and how you support your community.
  • Build loyalty: Sending complimentary university calendars to parents, alumni, and community leaders not only shares your gratitude for their support but also helps them remember events and throughout the year. And when it’s time to build a new dorm or host an annual gala, they’ll be more likely to offer support because they’ve been connected with your students and mission from day one. 

Calendar Printing Is Just the Beginning: Get More Marketing Solutions with Fotorecord

Our goal is to become your one-stop shop for more than just excellent customer calendars. From direct mail materials and brochures and posters to promotional items and even apparel, Fotorecord is equipped to handle all your higher education-related marketing needs. 

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