Black Book Automotive Dealer Marketing

Announcing: A new sales channel for profitable monthly auto sales! BLACK BOOK AUTOMOTIVE DEALER MARKETING

We offer a highly-effective single-priced program for your dealership: Hearst Black Book Auto Data. This data is compiled daily and in real time from auto auctions all over the country – you can learn more here.

Using our Black Book Automotive Dealer Marketing is easy

Simply supply your existing client data including:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • VIN number

With the information that you provide to us we can produce a highly personalized Black Book direct marketing piece for your automotive dealership for you to use for your automotive dealership.

We know that you want to see results.

The results from this program have been outstanding! Our most recent client sent in 4000 pieces and sold more than 10 cars in the first week just from using this Black Book Automotive Dealer Marketing program.

This program is also available via email.

In addition to using Black Book Auto Data for your existing clients, we can model your competitor’s vehicles. For example, using Black Book Auto Data, if you sell BMW, we can target Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, or Infiniti owners in a geographical region. Then we will assign a Black Book Auto Data value to their current vehicle and send these owners a highly personalized direct mail or email offer that is based on your current offers and specials at your dealership.

Contact Paul today for more information on The Black Book Automotive Dealer Marketing program to see how we can help you grow your automotive dealership and improve your sales – 724-837-0530 or email Paul today!

eCommerce Storefront

Take the confusion out of ordering multiple items for multiple locations by having your own custom eCommerce storefront or corporate online store catalog

What does the eCommerce Storefront do?

Your corporate online store catalog can organize / centralize everything from business cards to multi-piece kitting / fulfillment packages. Just supply us your information and we can set this up quickly for you. Click here for a sample page on how we can set up a corporate online storefront for your print company.

Why Your Business Needs the eCommerce Storefront

The market is quickly growing, and more businesses and consumers want to order and review their purchases online. Having your own unique storefront that matches the feel of your own website is ideal for the growing market.

Our eCommerce options offer a wide variety of payment gateways to enhance the customer experience. We also utilize platforms to assist you in analyzing your current online online sales and metrics easily with an easy to use CRM.

Ecommerce also increases your ability to convert customers faster when your online storefront is available for immediate use.

It is estimated that in 2018 eCommerce sales will be over $521.58 billion in sales and by the year 2021, sales will have climbed to $779.53 billion ( Be one of the many taking part in online sales and put your business in the limelight


-Need to update your practice’s marketing – Is it not working the way you would like?

-How you can increase your appointments without breaking the bank?

-Is your “perceived demographic” the correct decision-making target?


Here at Fotorecord Print Center, we partnered with one of the nation’s leading audiology companies and created several highly effective direct mail and digital marketing programs.  Through testing, we made this program affordable for all budgets. 

One of our partner experienced these results in using our programs:

                                                                                                Prior:                                                      New:

Inbound calls for appointments:                                    6 per week                                     11-20 per week

Website leads                                                                    0 per week                                          4-6 per week

Upsell to current clients                                                   Minimal                                                 Increased

Additionally, we helped them realize and leverage the Goldmine they also had in their possession.  With the influence our partner has in the industry, we implemented these programs to audiologists over 4 different states with various high levels of success.

What would your practice look like if you had similar results?
We easily can show you how. 
Also, with our proprietary methods, if you work with us, we will not work with any other audiologists in your target area.  Imagine, you have a successful marketing program AND you locked out any competition to your market!

Restaurant – Takeout print marketing

Let us help you drive more customers into your restaurant through restaurant – takeout print marketing

Here at Fotorecord, we know how important it is to stay consistently busy at your restaurant, and we have a marketing solution to assist with these needs with our restaurant – takeout print marketing program.

Are you targeting your ideal customers consistently?

Are you consistently busy every hour that your doors are open?

If you are not, our Restaurant – Takeout Marketing programs are the perfect solution to help you drive more customers into your restaurant and increase your overall sales.

Our professional team can help you determine the best marketing strategy for your business.

There are a lot of ways to reach your ideal customers, ranging from simple coupons and check stuffers that you provide to your guests to consistent weekly direct marketing focused toward your ideal client demographic at incredibly low rates.

We want to help you to determine the perfect strategy for your business and assist you in implementing these strategies, so you can start growing your business and increasing your sales.

Our restaurant – takeout marketing programs help you to keep your business busy.

With our restaurant – takeout marketing program, our professional team can find the optimum balance between direct mail, POP materials, email marketing, social media marketing, and website optimization for your business and help you to increase the sales of your restaurant by driving more business directly to you.

We now offer Yext Local Listings with the restaurant menu add on so that your menu will appear right within a Google search along with your location, using geolocation services. 

We have a restaurant – takeout marketing plan for every budget.

No matter what your budget is, we have a plan to help you get started with your restaurant – takeout marketing needs. Contact us today to get started!

It really is that easy.

Start today, sell more food tomorrow with our easy-to-use program!

Non-Profit Multichannel Marketing

Let us help you grow your donor list with Non-Profit Multichannel Marketing

Here at Fotorecord we know how important growing your donor list is.

We can help you to optimize your existing donor lists and bring in new profitable donors for your non-profit organization with our non-profit multichannel marketing programs.

We can help you do it all with our non-profit multichannel marketing programs

We can produce everything from a simple save-the-date event postcard mailing to a multichannel segmented donor solicitation yielding an above average response rate for most any non-profit organization.

Stay organized

Our Donor Data List service can take your existing list and dollar-segment it into high, medium, and low potential donors. We can help your non-profit target your best current donors and prospective donors much more efficiently with our non-profit multichannel marketing programs. This means that you can focus your marketing efforts more efficiently and yield better results for your non-profit organization.

Do you need materials printed for your non-profit?

We offer special pricing incentives for non-profit clients.

Whether you need an invitation or flyers for an upcoming donor event, pamphlets to help spread awareness about your organization to prospective donors, or business cards for your team to distribute, we have got you covered.

Whatever your non-profit multichannel marketing print needs are, we are here to help you present your current and potential donors with captivating designs and quality products.

Reach your donor list more efficiently with Direct Mail.

Assembling your own self-mailers, envelopes, and postcards can take a lot of your valuable time. Let us help you reach your donor list with your direct mail needs so you can reach your donors with ease. You will never have to worry about your correspondence reaching your target audience again with Fotorecord.

EDDM – Saturation Mailing

Own the territory around your company’s location with EDDM – Saturation Mailing (Every Door Direct Mail)

Reaching your Local demographic has never been easier with EDDM – Saturation Mailing.

EDDM is an awesome marketing tool utilizing the existing postal carrier routes. You simply pick the carrier routes that you would like to use that are surrounding your business’ current location, and we will mail your marketing materials to each individual on route that you have selected.

You can narrow your audience even further by choosing between the following options:

  • Single family homes
  • Apartments
  • Businesses
  • Census age
  • Census income

The benefit of narrowing your audience is that you can target your ideal client audience and increase the chances of having a successful and profitable marketing campaign.

We offer affordable pricing

Never before has it been this inexpensive to mail large pieces – you get the best bang for your buck with our EDDM – Saturation Mailing programs.

We even have a special program with the United States Postal Service which saves you $0.04 per piece on postage more than if you mailed the items to your audience yourself. When you’re mailing hundreds of items, these savings can add up.

Let us help you create the perfect marketing plan.

We also offer THE perfect pairing of direct mail and digital marketing with EDDM – Saturation Mailing and Digital Marketing with our D2 program. Contact us at: for more details about this program.