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Today’s economy means that nonprofits are finding that their missions are expanding…but their funding isn’t. Non-Profit marketing isn’t easy, but Fotorecord is here to help you reach your donation goals with our multichannel marketing tools.

Not only do non-profit organizations need to focus on communicating the value of their mission, raise awareness for their cause, and draw support for their cause; they also need to be aware of the increasingly growing marketing trends.

This can be overwhelming for many non-profits to take on and this is where our experts can assist you in reaching the goals of your organization.

Fotorecord will work with your non-profit to develop an inclusive plan to increase your donations, visibility, and reach your overall mission and purpose.

How Fotorecord CanComplement Your Non-Profit Marketing Endeavors

  • The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster and remembers them longer than reading content or copy. Fotorecord can assist you in creating visual content to strengthen your organizations brand, and mission!
  • Nonprofits need to focus on fundraising and marketing to current and potential donors and taking advantage of overlooked opportunities to survive and thrive. Direct marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach the people who are most likely to donate and volunteer and persuade them to give of their time, money, and talents.
  • Keep in touch with your organizations donors by creating an engaging email list and keeping in contact with these subscribers. We can also assist you in creating branded email templates to save your organization time.
  • Fotorecord can assist your organization in creating a professional website. Keep donors updated with current and fresh information!

Contact Fotorecord today for information on creating a comprehensive non-profit marketing plan that fits the needs of your organization.

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