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It doesn’t take a genius to know the importance of getting the right messages to the right people is important in any successful marketing effort. It does take an expert to get the right message to the right person and find the best way to do so in higher education marketing.

That’s why so many higher education institutions are tapping into the power of multichannel direct marketing.

It’s the desire of every university to keep education programs visible and desirable to new prospective students. Fotorecord is the only multichannel direct marketing firm that has consistently helped higher education institutions in Pittsburgh and around the country realize double-digit response rates for their donor campaigns.

How Higher Education Marketing Can Help your University

Our multichannel higher education marketing includes a variety of tools to enhance the overall user experience.

  • Send out direct mail to perspective students interested in your university’s programs.
  • Follow up easily with personalized mailers, emails, and correspondence- all associated to that student’s specific needs.
  • Advance your admissions approach with an online automated system that allows students to update their pertinent information easily.
  • Target specific students based on their field of study interests.

Whether you’re focusing on admissions, development, alumni, or all of these, you can leverage our holistic approach that attracts, engages, then creates two-way communication, harnessing the power of the Internet and your database.

Our education-exclusive products include: AD&A Solutions Package (Admissions development and Alumni) and HigherMarx.

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