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Take the confusion out of ordering multiple items for multiple locations by having your own custom eCommerce storefront or corporate online store catalog

Who is an eCommerce Storefront for?

An eCommerce storefront is ideal for any market wanting to make online sales and convert consumers looking at their products into customers. Two-thirds of retail sales occur online. Are you missing sales due to not having a compatible online sales platform to make the sale?

Fotorecord can assist you in conforming your existing WordPress website into a selling machine! We can also help you improve your overall brand and website appearance with a new website and eCommerce platform to convert prospective consumers into customers.

What does the eCommerce Storefront do?

Your corporate online store catalog can organize / centralize everything from business cards to multi-piece kitting / fulfillment packages. Just supply us your information and we can set this up quickly for you. Click here for a sample page on how we can set up a corporate online storefront for your print company.

Why Your Business Needs the eCommerce Storefront

The market is quickly growing, and more businesses and consumers want to order and review their purchases online. Having your own unique storefront that matches the feel of your own website is ideal for the growing market.

Our eCommerce options offer a wide variety of payment gateways to enhance the customer experience. We also utilize platforms to assist you in analyzing your current online online sales and metrics easily with an easy to use CRM.

Ecommerce also increases your ability to convert customers faster when your online storefront is available for immediate use.

It is estimated that in 2018 eCommerce sales will be over $521.58 billion in sales and by the year 2021, sales will have climbed to $779.53 billion ( Be one of the many taking part in online sales and put your business in the limelight!

Since every project is specific, contact us for more details today!

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