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Marketing Solutions

We bring your targeted customers through the digital marketing and we take your business seriously that enhance your business and get a better returns from the investment.

Reputation Management Services is the digital marketing service of influencing and responding to a company’s online reputation.

Your organization’s Website design plays a key role in your business. A website that’s well-designed, well-organized, regularly updated, and easy to navigate means more visits and more conversions.

Generating unique qualified leads for your business shouldn’t be a headache, so allow Fotorecord to take on the work for you! No matter what type of service or products you sale, your business will without a doubt fail without qualified lead generation.

Have you ever thought about the best way to be able to reach out to your customers and followers on a consistent basis and have the ability to track your conversions? Have you started working on methods of building an email list, but don’t know how to proceed next?

Millions of your potential customers are on social media every day. Your Social Media Marketing should play a vital role in your overall marketing plan.

You might have a solid product, a comprehensive business plan, or something truly unique to offer. But what good is that if no one can see it?

Client Services

Our graphic design professionals will help you in all facets and phases of your design needs. Our team collaborates and creates alongside your business for ultimate end-results. We will work with you to develop perfect and precise design elements that fit your company’s brand and culture.

Fotorecord Corporate Inventory Portal is custom designed to provide an efficient way for our clients to manage marketing collateral, print, apparel, promotional items, and marketing data all within our platform.

Do you want to have a supply of your printed marketing materials handy, but just don’t have the room to store your goods? Are you looking for a local storage & fulfillment services center to brand and ship your packages for you?

Branding Stratagies

If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand. Keep your brand integrity consistent with everything you do.

Consumers stay loyal to a brand they love and speak highly about those brands. Make sure to partner with Fotorecord to strengthen or renew your outdated identity to a modern, sleek design that stands for everything your business stands for.

Your display signage is the first thing people see when they visit your office, store or shop…what do your signs really say about you?

Vertical Markets

It does take an expert to get the right message to the right person and find the best way to do so in higher education marketing.

Fotorecord will work with your non-profit to develop an inclusive plan to increase your donations, visibility, and reach your overall mission and purpose.

 Fotorecord can collaborate with your business to provide you with a multichannel B2B marketing plan that fits your needs and budget.

B2C Marketing now takes an entirely new approach in the market and Fotorecord Print & Marketing Center is here to help you out!

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