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Your corporate identity is the icon of your company & product. It is the badge that represents the brand & the relationship with the consumer.

Who are you? Who are you, really?

How can such a short, simple question be hard to answer? Your corporate identity is at the core of everything your organization does. It’s the reason you get up every morning and go to work.

Your corporate identity also known as brand identity or visual identity is everything that encompasses your organization. Your corporate identity is what builds trust and loyalty from your consumers.

Your corporate identity is the visual statement of your core values, philosophies, and corporate beliefs.

Do your marketing strategies and tactics mate well with your corporate identity? Does your corporate identity reflect who you are now and who you want to be in the future?

Our consultants can help your organization build your identity from the ground up. We can also help you weather any “identity crises” your organization might face.

What is a corporate identity, or Brand, you ask?

A corporate identity is a combination of:

  • A connection among your company values and beliefs alongside your targeted consumer segments
  • A cohesive logo, brand, color scheme, and visual identity that can be instantly identified
  • The words to emphasize and describe your business

A corporate identity is an enduring symbol (logo) of how a company views itself and how it wants it consumers to perceive its business as well. This identity should be instantly recognizable and easily remembered.

Consumers stay loyal to a brand they love and speak highly about those brands. Make sure to partner with Fotorecord to strengthen or renew your outdated identity to a modern, sleek design that stands for everything your business stands for.

Don’t allow the growing market to distract you from really creating value for your customers and allow us to assist you in creating a cohesive, strong corporate brand.

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