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69% of the most effective B2B Marketers have a dedicated content marketing group. Fotorecord can collaborate with your business to provide you with a multichannel B2B marketing plan that fits your needs and budget. 

Most people think of business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses when they think of multichannel direct marketing. But business-to-business (B2B) businesses can also benefit from multichannel direct marketing, because more and more B2B decision makers are turning to the Web and using a variety of channels to shop for business products and services.

Some Facts about B2B Marketing

Did you know…

  • Nearly half of all B2B purchases are made directly online
  • Only 50% of B2B marketers formally analyze metrics to determine ROI
  • By 2014, B2B online marketing spending is expected to reach $4.8 billion
  • 86% of B2B marketers now use social media
  • 34% of B2B marketers are not measuring their social media presence

These facts make it clear that B2B marketers realize the power of multichannel marketing but have yet to realize its fullest potential. Savvy B2B marketers are looking to experts like Fotorecord to make the most of their B2B marketing efforts.

Multichannel Marketing Available

Fotorecord utilizes many different sources of marketing lines to make B2B marketing successful. These marketing avenues are still successful today in a business community that is turning more to the internet to make important decisions for their business.

Our business-to-business multichannel marketing efforts include some of these important roles for your business:

  • Social Media Managementis only effective if you use it properly. We offer social media management services to prepare your for success so you don’t need to worry about if your next posts are engaging or scheduled!
  • A modern website designis the first “face” of your business that your ideal customers see! Be sure to ask us about our complementary evaluation of your current website to ensure you look professional and are in compliance with current website standards.
  • Organic (Search Engine Optimization) SEO is available to your business and must be used to enhance your website presence above what paid advertising is already doing!
  • Start a Blog on your website because recent studies found that 80% of business-to-business decision makers prefer to get information from articles rather than advertising.
  • Print advertising is still on the rise! Despite the tremendous growth in the digital marketing world, trade shows still generate up to 77% of a business’s quality leads, 59% of CMO’s still say that print marketing is effective and utilize it, and 64% of buyers recite from print materials as a trusted source of information, while 51% of marketers see a value in direct mail.

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